Working in Partnership.

I want to share with you again how extremely pleased we are to be witnessing the changes in our mum since her return home in mid February 2021. We have been delighted to see mum’s physical and mental health improve drastically.  Through the user centred care provision from the Care Support team, TFS nurses, District nurses and care companion working as one team, we have seen mum’s quality of life take a dramatic upturn. 

We have been amazed to see her sores healing – something we were told not to expect, and this is testament to the care and nursing mum is receiving from the wider team. In getting her pain under control and encouraging a varied and appealing diet, along with a well managed and monitored wound care plan, we have seen first hand her body healing. 

It is difficult to put into words how thankful we are to all of the teams who have demonstrated a real desire to care and nurture mum back to some semblance of her former self. It is evident to us that mum’s carers DO care about her as an individual and take pride in delivering a high level user centred, care focused service. 

Testimonial for a family member

Thurrock – December 2021