How we support

We have a structured approach to developing innovative, personalised support that evolves with each individual. This is a robust, safe, community-inspired framework.

1. We assess each individual’s needs

We start by listening carefully to the people that matter most – the individual, their immediate family and their clinical care professionals.

2. We agree a personalised plan

We use this input to shape a detailed plan with the individual concerned to meet their clinical, personal, educational and social needs.

3. We select the right team to provide the right support

Working with the LA, the family and each individual, our specialist recruitment team identifies people with the right skills and experience to provide high quality care and support in the home, safely and reliably.

4. We collaborate effectively with key stakeholders and other partners

By adopting smarter ways of working and sharing the right information with the right people at the right time, we are co-producing a more holistic experience for those we support.

5. We develop our people’s knowledge and skills

With a focus on continuous learning, we help our employees to develop their knowledge and expertise with both on the job and dedicated classroom and online training.

6. We monitor and measure progress to improve outcomes

Using direct, individual feedback and smart systems, we track progress and make intelligent use of data to help us improve outcomes.