Creation of Innovate Care Group heralds new standard in complex care provision in the home.

The Innovate Care Group has been established to bring together an experienced senior management team with the ambition to create a national leader in complex care. By strengthening processes and investing in critical infrastructure in the form of advanced IT systems, the Group believes it can transform the experience for both the individuals they support and care staff. 

Innovate Care Group believe in partnership and are establishing new ways of working with external commissioners, internal and external quality teams, clients and families to achieve highly personalised care plans that deliver better outcomes and improved quality of life for individuals. Improved transparency, enabled by an online portal, allows all those involved in the care package to see what is happening with access to up-to-date information. 

A key example of Innovate Care Group’s innovative approach is the development of end-to-end digital care planning systems which also allow us to be highly responsive to our clients’ evolving needs while precisely managing budgets and tracking planned v. actual costs for our commissioning teams. 

A senior management team led by Andrea Kinkade, an experienced CEO with in-depth knowledge of complex care provision, brings deep sector knowledge, expert clinical skills and an agile, innovative mindset to ensure that care teams are empowered to deliver better care to all clients.